What should I know before going for KFit activity?

  1. Arrive early. We recommend to arrive 15 mins before the class starts.

  2. It’s good to inform instructor if you have or had any recent injury or if you know there are some exercises you can't or shouldn't do.

  3. Keep it clean, wipe down equipment after use, return items to the original location after you’re done and follow the general rules of the studio or gym.

  4. Set all phones to silent, and don’t use it while in class (unless you are using a fitness tracking device).

  5. Go with the flow (if the class is quiet, then be quiet, if the dance class has some ooh-aah-ing, then by all means join in).

  6. Wear the appropriate attire for your class/workout.

  7. If you are unable to make class, please cancel before the cancellation deadline.

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