What is late cancellation or no show fee?

Late cancellation or no show fee is a penalty charged upon cancelling an activity passed its deadline or not showing up to a reserved activities.

We understand that sometimes you are not able to go for a workout due to last minute emergencies, weather conditions, or you have been hit by the lazy bug... Unfortunately late cancellations and no shows lead to emptier classes and a reduced opportunity for other KFitters to attend that class too.

If you have a Fitness Pass Fitness Membership, late cancellations and no shows will incur a fee as follows:

City Fees
Australia (Perth) $10
Australia (Melbourne)  $10 
Australia (Sdyney)  $10 
Singapore  $15 
Kuala Lumpur  RM20 
Hong Kong  $80 
Taiwan  $150 
Manila  P200 
New Zealand $12 

To ensure that you do not incur these charges, please cancel before the deadline. The cancellation deadline can be viewed under the “MyKFit” tab on the KFit App or via the reservation confirmation email.

Do note that your visit will also be counted.

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