Can I book for my friends?

At the moment, you may purchase for activities together with your friends. 

Simply click to add more slots at the confirmation page when you are purchasing the activity. At the MyKFit tab in your app or home page on the web, you will be able to see how many people you have purchased an activity for.

Please arrive at the venue together with your friends, and make sure you have your ID with you for verification. Your friends might be denied entry if you aren’t there. 

iOS or Android view:

Web View:

If you are reserving under KFit Fitness Pass, please note that it is non-transferable and you will not be able to book for or on behalf of your friend. You will be expected to show ID when you arrive at the gym/session.

The only exception is for parents who are booking for their child for a children class, however, you are required to be there as well for registration purposes and supervision. 

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